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Our rings are crafted with lab-grown diamonds that are colorless and eye-clean (DEF Color, VS Clarity). Ethically sourced and featuring a perfect cut, these diamonds offer a pristine, sparkly appearance, ensuring a flawless and stunning aesthetic.

 1 of 1 in existence. Platinum engagement ring with black diamond hidden halo.

Introducing our "Parati" ring, a modern and sophisticated engagement ring. This Parati ring is a one or a kind. At the heart ring lies a breathtaking pear-shaped Umbalite garnet center stone. This is a rare and exquisite gemstone, with rich raspberry-red hues. This ring is super pretty and sparkles in all lighting. A very unique aesthetic with black diamonds in her hidden halo and a band adorned with pavé set diamonds.

This "Parati" ring is a symbol of passion and devotion. To commemorate your unique love.

Key Features: 

  • 3.5ct Natural, untreated Umbalite Garnet, Pear Shaped. Set in a secure, open-style, 3 prong setting to maximize sparkle and color.
  • Enhancing the center stone's allure is a band of pavé set diamonds, adding a sparkle that complements the Umbalite garnet's vivid color.
  • The Parati ring features a hidden halo of natural black diamonds beneath the center stone, adding a touch of hidden luxury.
  • Modern and unique style in platinum metal

Why choose the "Parati"?

  • AW Jewelry Excellence: Choosing ‘Parati' means choosing the excellence and reliability of AW Jewelry. Our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and unique design ensures that you receive a ring that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
  • Ethically Sourced: Our lab-grown diamonds and natural gemstones are obtained from reputable U.S. suppliers, ensuring your ring aligns with your ethical values.

  • Customizable to You: Work with our Expert Guides to personalize this ring according to your unique aesthetic and ethical preferences. This ring is sold as is but can be customized- chat with us.

  • Quick Delivery: This ring is ready and will be delivered within 7 days.


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