Women’s Engagement Rings Made Affordable with Lab Grown Diamonds

Dream Engagement Rings Made Affordable

Over the last 5 years, the diamond industry has seen a substantial increase in the purchasing of lab grown diamonds. 

Lab created diamonds have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds. They are graded the same way as mined diamonds, but priced differently. ‍

Lab grown diamonds are created in the laboratory by simulating the geological conditions it takes for diamonds to crystallize underground. The isolated environment minimizes the amount of 'imperfections' in a diamond. This is why you will find more lab diamonds with higher grades than lower diamond grades.

Though they are very much the same as natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are more affordable, but less rare. The ease of production and reduced labor costs allow manufacturers to sell lab grown diamonds at a lower price than natural diamonds. 

How the Engagement Ring Brand Affects Your Diamond Purchase

Aside from the diamond specs themselves, the retailer you purchase from can affect how much you spend on a woman’s engagement ring. High end luxury brands often come with a premium in price. It is not necessarily better quality than other diamond retailers, but they may offer additional services that one might prefer. 

But for many, the engagement ring or diamond brand may not matter. It is all about what you prioritize when searching for the perfect engagement ring. 

Consider Creating Your Own Engagement Ring Over Buying Out of a Jewelry Case

Most chain jewelers carry multiple copies of the same engagement ring. Once one style is popular, another one may appear in the case weeks later to replace it. Stores that keep engagement ring styles in stock are only able to keep the best-selling items in their cases. This means that you and many other people in the world possess the exact engagement ring. 

Custom engagement rings are the way to go if you value individual expression and style over popular engagement ring styles. The price of a custom engagement ring may be more or less than a chain retailer, but many people prefer the personalization of custom jewelry over stock pieces. 

Aside from style, custom jewelry allows you to be a part of the creation process. When you choose your own grades, stone, and setting, you’re able to create a price you can afford. If you choose an engagement ring out of case, you are stuck with grades and price on the price tag.

Even if the final price costs more than a stock piece, custom engagement rings and fine jewelry give you the flexibility and value for money that stock engagement rings don’t. 

Customize an Affordable Engagement Ring with AW Jewelry

AW Jewelry is a jeweler dedicated to bringing you stunning custom jewelry at affordable prices. We carry a wealth of options to help you create the best engagement ring money can buy. 

We aim to provide excellent customer service and assistance on helping you choose the right engagement ring for you and your fiance. 

Creating an engagement ring with us is easy. Simply send us your own ideas and inspiration, or collaborate with our team to come up with the engagement ring you’ve always wanted. Our process is smooth and fun, allowing you to be involved in every step of the process. 

There’s no set standard for determining the cost of a women’s engagement ring. You should choose your engagement ring according to your own preferences and budget. Prioritize the aspects of the diamond ring that mean the most to you. It’s better to have a balance of grades rather than prioritizing one factor above all the others. ‍

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to start making your engagement ring dreams come true. 

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